What do I write about in a blog?

A blog should be the hub of your online presence either as a part of your main website or integrated within it. On average, companies that blog enjoy 55% more web traffic than those that don’t!

Of course, writing a blog takes time and effort but remember that search engines love blogs as they are a source of fresh, up to date content. Once you have your blog up and running it can help with providing content for social network sites. For example, your blog could post direct onto your Facebook page and you could alert your followers on Twitter to new content.

If you find yourself staring at the screen wondering what to write about, there are a few ideas below. The best thing to do is to mix up the type of posts you write, it adds variety for your readers, which makes for a more interesting read. Above all write about what you know best.


Ideas for blog posts.

Feature a product, service, employee or customer – if you write about a person more often than not they will promote your post for you.

Answer customer questions – what are the most common things people ask you about your products or services, others probably want to know the same things.

Compile industry information – everyone has good ideas. A great way to put together a powerful post is to compile popular statistics, images, and videos into one article that summarises the information for your readers.

News about your business – when people are reading your website, they are probably curious as to what your business is up to.

Make lists – coming up with new blog posts is often a function of framing ideas in the correct way. Think of common issues in the form of lists. Lists can be how-to, best-of, etc., but often serve as a catalyst for coming up with a fresh angle for a common topic.

Think beyond text – text is great, but it doesn’t have to be the only type of blog content you offer. Think about other types of content. For example you could create a blog post with pictures taken at an industry trade show (make sure you name any individuals as they might link back to your post).

Review books – provide your own twist on what others have to say about your industry or sector. Read some recent books and then write reviews about them and indicate who might enjoy reading them. If you are feeling adventurous you could maybe produce some video reviews.

Seek out guest authors – ask other people write for you. Think about experts and leaders in your industry and ask them to contribute a guest article for your blog. You’ll find that many people are willing to this for free in order to gain exposure to a new audience and generate a link or two back to their own blogs or websites.

How to – show someone how to do something, people love to learn things.

News – think like a newspaper reporter. Has something happened recently that has had an impact on your industry? Summarise the news and explain what it means for your industry. As well as keeping your readers up to date, breaking news regularly will help to improve your search listings. Part of the search engine’s algorithm gives value to sites that are regularly among the first to discuss particular stories or subjects.

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