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WordPress is a platform you can use to create a highly functional website or blog. It is a fully featured content management system. A website’s functionality can be increased through the availability of thousands of different integrated plugins. These can add extra functions such as lead generation, contact forms and newsletters to your website.

Millions of websites worldwide are powered by WordPress. If you are looking for a company website that is both cost-effective and easily managed then WordPress is a great option.

Most WordPress themes are already optimised for tablet and mobile devices. All of our websites are also compatible with all the main web browsers (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera).


If you decide to have your own WordPress website, these are the services that we will be able to provide for you.

Setup & Installation

We can setup your WordPress site as a  stand-alone website with its own domain name.

Content Generation

We create fully optimised content for WordPress sites.


Every website requires routine maintenance to keep it functioning at its optimum level.


We can transfer an existing website if you want to keep things like your existing blog posts.

Website Design

Professional web designers will design your website according to your specifications.

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