Social media and blogs can help grow your business

Social media and blogs are at the heart of most online marketing strategies. Here are a few reasons why you should consider them.

Quick and easy to start – you could create a Facebook page in less than an hour or get a blog started in a few days.

Instant interactivity – blogs and social media can give you nearly instant market feedback – good or bad. This can be through the comments on your blog; or reviews and other comments left on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels.

Great way to share case studies – your main site can only say so much without becoming too busy. Having a blog on your site allows you to neatly organise information, and lets you have lots of space for those case studies you would like to include on your website. Case studies are a very powerful way to showcase your company’s work.

They can help to build a subscriber base – use your blog to build a subscriber base of current, past and potential clients as well as professionals in your industry and complimentary industries.

Generally very little or no cost – definately one of the most cost-effective methods of reaching your customers and prospects.

They can help your search engine profile – many people start their purchasing process by using a search engine. Social Networks and Blogs make it more likely that your prospects will find you online when they are searching.

It’s also worth noting that Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter also generate lots of search results via their own search. Your business needs an account or profile to stand a chance of appearing in those searches.

Your competitors are probably there already – thousands of companies large and small are ramping up their social media efforts from large corporations to small neighborhood shops. Conversations are already happening about your industry, your company, your competitors and your customers.

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