Dos and don’ts of social networking

Are you considering social networking? Here are a few dos and don’ts. Most important of all think before you post and remember there is no such thing as a “private” social network. Search engines could be listing your posts for many years to come.

Social Networking for Businesses – DO

Post regularly, an empty page will not generate any interest.

Keep what you say relevant and interesting.

Don’t leave comments unanswered, respond in a timely manner, after all the idea is to engage with your customers.

Complete the profile page and include a photo of yourself or a company logo.

Join in relevant conversations, don’t just wait for people to talk to you.

Use your real name whenever possible.

Ask for other peoples’ opinions on products or services.

Keep your posts positive.

Keep things professional but with a personal touch.

Give back. Social media is a two-way street. Give as much as you get.

Ask people questions to get a conversation started.

Social Networking for Businesses – DON’T

Leave your accounts for weeks on end.

Post about irrelevant things, like what you had for dinner last night.

Post every single news item / report / product etc. Pick out the most interesting stuff.

Be aggressive towards somebody else even if they are offensive to you.

Direct sell with every post, this will very quickly alienate your followers. The odd subtle post or exclusive promotion say every 1 in 20 posts is OK.

Use offensive language, a bad reputation can spread quickly.

Allow your blog to be spammed by others promoting themselves. Check your comments regularly and keep them free of spammers.

Ignore follower’s comments. If you are lucky enough to get too many to reply to individually, try and acknowledge them with a blanket response.

Post factually incorrect stuff, at some point you will be found out.

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